Mad About Dance Studio

In boring Classes, we always improve
our drawing skills. At MAD , there's never
that drawing moment!


How often should I take lessons?

Our recommendations would be to have the lessons as close to each other as possible at the very beginning of your dancing. It will give you a possibility to not forget the steps, increase the level of confidence and improve faster with constant update of steps and routines. All the lessons might be accompanied with group classes and practice sessions which would increase the productivity and level of dancing.

How qualified will my dance instructor be?

All of our dance instructors are highly trained and qualified with long and successful dancing history before they start teaching as a coach. There are strict and high requirements for our dance instructors about their knowledge and teaching technique. All of the dance instructors have the proves of their expertise in certificates, diplomas or trophies.

What is the cancellation policy for classes?

According to Terms and Conditions

Customer cancellations

  • If cancellations made up to 24 hours prior to class then class will not count.
  • If cancellations made 1 hour or less prior to class then class will count. 
  • Please note that if you do not cancel or do not attend the class, you are responsible for payment.

Cancellation of MAD

  • Notice of class cancellation will be provided 24 hours before the original class to all confirmed attendees.
  • Attendees of the classes will not be charged for the classes under such circumstances.


Do I need a partner for dancing?

No. We can teach both, singles and couples here at MAD. If you come in as one of our single students, your instructor will be your partner for your private lessons, and our groups and practice sessions will provide plenty of opportunity to meet other students with the same interests and goals.

How will my lessons be scheduled? Will they be always on the same time?

We are very aware of busy life of most people in this world. Therefore don’t worry, we will be able to accommodate any your lessons in our studio schedule, and make your time comfortable for your lessons and progressive learning. Please contact us or check our studio schedule in order to book the time of your lessons without interfering into your busy schedule.

What should my dancer wear to class?

You should wear something comfortable that will not restrict your movement. Some of our students come straight from work and others come for their lessons dressed light and casual. Comfortable shoes are recommended! We suggest to you a pair of dancing leather or shiny shoes for gentlemen and a dancing shoe with a slim or cuban high heel for the ladies, similar to what you would wear to go out dancing. The professional dancing gentleman and ladies shoes and clothes, we provide in our studio only for our students.The sport or any shoes with gum under will be very uncomfortable for your move, and tiring for your legs.

I have two left feet. Is it difficult to learn to dance?

Not at all. Our instructors are highly qualified and participate in teaching and practising. In our worldwide approved teaching and practising system will make it easy to learn. It will take time to learn the various dances and a repertoire of steps. But don’t worry, the learning is easy and fun. A steady approach with periodic practice will make a visible results in a short time and period. We highly encourage you to keep your lessons close together. You will progress more quickly and faster, and make your experience more valuable to you. Private lessons give us the chance to teach you at a comfortable pace that matches your ability level.